About Our Field Trips

These trips are not planned as rambles. They are simply a group of enthusiasts exploring the local natural history. They may be for a full or half day, and rarely exceed 4 miles. Many branches of natural history are catered for, and the club is fortunate in having a number of members with expert knowledge in specialist subjects. There are no lectures on the field trips, but members are happy to share their experience, and lack of knowledge is no bar to membership.

Please bring a picnic when the meeting is flagged with an asterisk. Suitable clothing and footwear for the prevailing weather conditions is essential. Please be aware that the countryside has its hazards, and you come on field trips at your own risk.

The small photographs bordering this page are (clockwise from top right): Harrisons Rocks, Sussex; (to be identified); Seven Sisters, Sussex; Emmets Gardens, Kent; St Mary's, Isles of Scilly; Marden Meadow, Kent; Scratchey Bottom, Dorset; (to be identified); (to be identified); Man O' War Cove, Dorset; Downe Bank, Kent; (to be identified); Lullington Heath, Sussex; Durdle Door, Dorset. They are all copyright © Trudy Fleming 2012.