Please Help Bromley's Biodiversity

by Judith John.

Rare and Declining Species Project

Throughout 2017, Bromley Biodiversity Partnership ran a Citizen Science Project asking for records of some of Bromley's rare and declining species: toad, bullfinch, small tortoiseshell butterfly, hedgehog, swift and stag beetle. Several members of the Orpington Field Club are involved in this project. Below are links to some notes, results and discussion concerning the species surveyed in 2017.

As you will see in 2018 we need more records of toad, bullfinch, hedgehog and swift and are asking in particular for evidence of breeding. In 2018 we are also asking for records of house sparrow and purple emperor butterfly, but are no longer collecting records for stag beetle or small tortoiseshell butterfly.

Please look out for the 6 species for 2018 and any other rare and declining species in Bromley set out in Section 4 and Appendix C of Bromley Biodiversity Plan. Lists of Bromley's 'Rare and Declining Species' are available for download from this website, under 'Articles'. Click Rare and Declining Species in Bromley.

Protected species such as lizards, slow worms, great-crested newts, bats etc. are listed in Section 4 of the Bromley Biodiversity Plan. The Plan is also available on this website. To download it, or read the protected species section, please click here:

     Downloadable Bromley Biodiversity Plan

Please contact the Partnership with your records in 2018 by e-mailing .

As a result of records received to date:

In 2018 the Partnership will be promoting the importance of meadows for wildlife through encouraging people to join in Plantlife's Magnificent Meadows project. See Help with this project would be very much appreciated if you are available on and around Saturday 7th July. E-mail for more information. Thank you.

Here are links to some articles on how to help with Bromley's rare and declining wildlife.

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This article is copyright © Judith John 2017. The photograph is copyyright © Bill Welch 2012.