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Mixed photos by Ronnie Haar.

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Autumn Lady's Tresses. Autumn Lady's Tresses.
Chalkhill Blue. Chalkhill Blue.
Corncockle, Ranscombe Farm. Corncockle, Ranscombe Farm.
Cinnabar Moth caterpillar. Cinnabar Moth caterpillar.
RoundPainted Lady. Painted Lady.
Peacock butterfly. Peacock butterfly.
Red Admiral. Red Admiral.
Jersey Tiger moths. Jersey Tiger moths.
Jersey Tiger moth. Jersey Tiger moth.
Wild Mandarin duck. Mandarin duck.
Large Red Damselfly, Thursley. Large Red Damselfly, Thursley.
Man Lesser Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Auvergne. Lesser Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Auvergne.
Mating Adonis Blues. Mating Adonis Blues.
Sundew, Thursley. Sundew, Thursley.
Female Common Blue butterfly. Female Common Blue butterfly.
Marsh Female Beautiful Demoiselle, Pulborough. Female Beautiful Demoiselle, Pulborough.
Lizard Orchid. Lizard Orchid.
Rough Grasshopper. Grasshopper.
Bee Orchid, Box Hill. Bee Orchid, Box Hill.

The photographs on this page are copyright © Ronnie Haar 2012.