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Some moth photos by Bill Welch.

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Male Black Arches, Lymantria monacha, in High Broom Wood. Male Black Arches,
Lymantria monacha.
High Broom Wood.
Burnished Brass, Diachrysia chrysitis agg., at Farthing Downs. Burnished Brass,
Diachrysia chrysitis agg.
Farthing Downs.
Brimstone Moth, Episthograpta luteolata, in High Broom Wood. Brimstone Moth,
Episthograpta luteolata.
High Broom Wood
Crassa (or Batia) unitella, in Kingswood Glen. A micromoth,
Crassa (or Batia) unitella.
Kingswood Glen.
Poplar Hawk-moth, Laothoe populi, on West Wickham Common. Poplar Hawk-moth,
Laothoe populi.
West Wickham Common
Elephant Hawkmoth, Deilephila elpenor, on West Wickham Common. Elephant Hawkmoth,
Deilephila elpenor.
West Wickham Common.
Scalloped Hazel, Odontopera bidentata, in my garden in Hayes. Scalloped Hazel,
Odontopera bidentata.
In my garden in Hayes.
Lobster Moth, Stauropus fagi, on West Wickham Common. Lobster Moth,
Stauropus fagi.
West Wickham Common
Mother-of-Pearl, Pleuroptya ruralis, on Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve. Mother-of-Pearl,
Pleuroptya ruralis.
Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.
Saltmarsh Plume, Agdistis bennetii, at Riverside Country Park. Saltmarsh Plume,
Agdistis bennetii.
Riverside Country Park.
Dingy White Plume, Merrifeldia baliodactylus, in High Elms Country Park. Dingy White Plume,
Merrifeldia baliodactylus.
High Elms Country Park
Lesser Swallow Prominent, Pheosia gnoma, at Farthing Downs. Lesser Swallow Prominent,
Pheosia gnoma.
Farthing Downs.
Angle Shades, Phlogophora meticulosa, at Farthing Downs. Angle Shades,
Phlogophora meticulosa.
Farthing Downs.
Common White Wave, Cabera pusaria, at Jubilee Country Park. Common White Wave,
Cabera pusaria.
Jubilee Country Park.
Scorched Wing, Plagodis dolabraria, at Oldbury Hill. Scorched Wing,
Plagodis dolabraria.
Oldbury Hill.
Silver Y, Autographa gamma gamma, on Hayes Common. Silver Y,
Autographa gamma gamma.
Hayes Common.
Peach Blossom, Thyatira batis, at Farthing Downs. Peach Blossom,
Thyatira batis.
Farthing Downs.
Common Footman, Eilema lurideola, at Farthing Downs. Common Footman,
Eilema lurideola.
Farthing Downs.
BogSix-spot Burnet, Zygaena filipendulae stephensii, in High Elms Country Park. Six-spot Burnet,
Zygaena filipendulae stephensii.
High Elms Country Park.
Setaceous Hebrew Character, Xestia c-nigrum, in my garden in Hayes. Setaceous Hebrew Character,
Xestia c-nigrum.
In my garden in Hayes.

The photographs on this page are copyright © Bill Welch 2012.