Plant a Native Shrub or Tree.

by Judith John.

Linking green spaces together via gardens, footpaths etc. is vital for many of our rare and declining species, allowing them to move safely to areas where they can find food, shelter, places to hibernate and other animals of the same species.

There has also been a catastrophic decline in invertebrate numbers which affects many of the species in trouble. Posters promoting planting small native trees and shrubs in gardens have therefore been produced because native invertebrates are adapted to eat native plants and these plants are useful in helping to link wild places together. A downloadable poster is here:

     Native Shrubs and Trees Poster

A downloadable list, 'Hedge Plants to Improve Biodiversity' with details of flowering, fruiting times, soil type required etc is also available here as a spreadsheet:

     Native Hedge Plants To Improve Biodiversity

If you are aware of footpaths, bridleways, back lanes etc which have the potential for native shrub or small tree planting to link green spaces, please contact Bromley Biodiversity Partnership Subgroup at

Road verges also have the potential to increase numbers of invertebrates and link wild areas if they are managed as hay meadows, that is, by cutting and clearing just once a year in autumn, away from sightlines. If you know of any particular road verges that would benefit from this management please talk to the local residents association and local Councillors.

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